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Brief Armistice in the War on Winter

I hate winter. But it was the first snowfall & I did my duty.

photo 4

I did. I shoveled with a smile on my face.

And then I did this:

.photo 1-3

Snow Wolf. Angry arms, etc.

And then I took one of these type pictures:

photo 2-4

Oh pretty pretty snow oh my how pretty is the snow it falls so heavy lalala “I wonder as I wander” blah Winter is magical blah, the snow is a blanket amidst the night blah okay I’m done.

Consider this my official time card being punched out.

War Back On. Jack Frost is my nemesis. Jack Frost is the reason why we have to clap to keep fairies alive. Jack Frost is the first waffle made in a waffle iron. Jack Frost is for the birds.

Cats & Baths

A clean Pippa doesn’t necessarily equal a happy Pippa in my own personal experience.


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