Monthly Archives: August 2014

What You’ve Missed

Hello, Internet Humans, long time no talk.

Well, let’s see. We survived two Polar Vortexes since I last blogged. Winter was so bad this year and I made so many pancakes about it. It was so cold and terrible that something in my brain changed and I went around the bend and started liking snow again. I know, I know, Stockholm Syndrome, you’re saying, and yeah. Probably.

Now, it’s August. I survived a month without sugar + dairy + gluten on whole30, but just barely. I got really into Turbo Kick this summer. Also puzzles. Also making Pippa wear my robe against her will. (She loved it.) 


Other than that, I’ve been taking a long self-imposed break on writing poems. I needed it. After two years of workshop, and two years of coming at every elegy I have inside me again & again & again, I was pretty much toast. But, fall is here. Thesis year is upon us. I’m ready, I think. I think I’m ready.

I feel different after this summer, like I could throw a better punch. Not just because of Turbo Kick, BUT DEFINITELY YES BECAUSE OF TURBO KICK. So bring on the poems, man. My guard is up.